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Santa Siena is a privately held group active in trading feed commodities worldwide with a firm global presence and an outstanding level of expertise and knowledge.


As a technology driven progressive group, it effectively manages the supply chain from producer to consumer utilising its innovative proprietary software systems to meet the requirements of its customers and the ethical expectations of the global trading and regulatory community.


Santa Siena strives to be an ambitious, outward-facing, and entrepreneurial business. It is also important to Santa Siena that it is recognised as a responsible business, one which uses its skills and resources to have a positive effect in the community. Please read more about this in our Sustainability section.


Operating in key originating regions across the Americas and Europe, Santa Siena has firm relationships with farmers, grain elevators and processors to source the highest quality feed commodities. This combination of geographical advantage and economic stability has made Santa Siena a strong and trusted partner for its clients.


Santa Siena serves its clients as a team, with a common focus on innovation, quality and agility.


Santa Siena’s mission is to be a leading provider of feed commodities. We will continue to maintain our position with our clients as a trusted and reliable supplier, always striving to source high quality feed commodities coupled with the right price risk management strategies to deliver the required benefits to our clients.


We aim to achieve this by:


  • Evolving processes to accurately identify client needs, in turn creating profitable solutions for clients, producers and processors.

  • Bringing the diverse reach and resources of Santa Siena to benefit our clients. 

  • Delivering a cost-effective and optimised logistical configuration in conjunction with our logistics partners such as ocean carriers, 3PL’s ... etc. 



Santa Siena believes that feeding the world whilst minimising our impact on the planet is essential to our goal of setting competitive standards within our sector.


Responsibilities towards our environment and ethics of the highest standards underpin everything we do from sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and respecting human rights internationally.  This is reflected in that we strive to pay a fair price to suppliers, to support local communities, always ensuring and promoting good working conditions and fairness for everyone in our business and supply chains.


Integrity is at the core of our business practice.


We are a participant of the United Nations Global Compact initiative and aim to operate within the ten principles promoting human rights, anti-corruption, equality and responsibility to the environment.


Our expertise centers on raw materials for animal feed, ranging from grains and oilseeds through to energy and protein rich meals.

We source these high quality feed commodities from our reliable supply source pool across the Americas and Europe and supply them to feed markets around the world.  We trade in the following:

  1. Grains and Oilseeds

  2. Feed Ingredients

  3. Protein Meals


1055 West 7th Street, Suite 3300

Los Angeles, CA 90017


Tel: +1 213 221 4926

1000 Great West Road

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Tel: +44 203 303 3240

Fax: +44 203 303 3204

Rua: Dr. Joan Colin, 1285,

Sala 3, Bairro América

Joinville, Santa Catarina 89204-001



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