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meat and bone meal/processed animal protein

Meat and Bone Meal (MBM) is a natural source of protein and minerals including calcium, phosphorus and fat.

We source the following from multiple sources and deliver to many destinations:

Animal Protein Meals

Meat and Bone Meal (MBM)

Blood Meal

Feather Meal

48% - 58% protein of US or European origin.

Meat and Bone Meal (MBM) is a natural source of protein and minerals including calcium, phosphorus and fat.  It is used as an ingredient for the production of balanced animal feed, being commercialized for pet food, poultry, swine, fish and other non-ruminant species.  The equivalent to US MBM is European Processed Animal Protein (PAP) both of which can be used in animal feed formulations. 

EU PAP is formed from the highest European category of raw materials (category 3) which are fit for human consumption.  European Meat and Bone Meal (MBM) is formed from category 1 and 2 raw materials which may be from diseased animals and are not fit for human consumption, and in Europe the resulting EU MBM can only be used for biofuel, fertilizer or for the cosmetic industry.
US MBM / EU PAP are excellent sources of supplemental protein and have well-balanced amino acid profiles.

For ruminant feeds, it is prohibited to include US MBM / EU PAP as an ingredient.

For pig feeds, it is permissible to include US MBM / EU PAP in some countries.

For poultry feeds the inclusion of US MBM / EU PAP has been shown to increase appetite and provide necessary protein and minerals for various stages of growth.

For fish feeds, substituting US MBM / EU PAP for some of the Fish Meal ingredient yielded similar growth performance whilst reducing the overall feed mix cost.

For determining the required feed mix for the growth stage of the target animal or fish species, a qualified animal nutritionist should be consulted.

Please contact us for specifications and pricing.

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