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grains & oilseeds - canola seeds

Canola Seeds derive their nutritional value from the stable protein and high oil content of the whole seed. 

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Canola Seeds

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Analysis shows that the protein content of Canola Seeds remains stable after frost or weathering. This makes Canola Seeds a stable oilseed to include in a nutritional progam.

For ruminant diets, such as for beef and dairy cattle or for sheep, the amount of whole Canola Seeds used is dependent upon the total fat or oil level in the diet. 
For pig feeds, including Canola Seeds in the feed mix provides additional protein and energy.  Best results are seen when used with growing pigs rather than piglets.

For poultry feeds, Canola Seeds can provide the extra energy in the feed mix to improve performance over the use of the usual grains alone.  The value to poultry diets can be greater than with other animals, providing both nutritional and economic benefits. 

For determining the required feed mix for the growth stage of the target animal, a qualified animal nutritionist should be consulted.
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