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grains & oilseeds - feed wheat

Wheat is the most widely grown cereal grain throughout the world, with up to 20% of total production being used for feed

The feed ingredients we trade in are as follows:-


Feed Wheat

Feed Barley


Canola Seeds

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Whilst it has a higher protein content than other feed grains such as Corn or Feed Barley, it can often be substituted directly for Corn on the basis of Digestible Energy and Total Digestible Nutrients in animal rations, requiring less protein supplements than a Corn based feed mix.  

Feeding to ruminants requires some caution due to its rich starch content which ferments more rapidly than the starch in Corn.  However by progressively introducing wheat in the feed over a period of 3 weeks, both dairy and beef cattle can adjust to the wheat concentrate.  As cattle cannot properly digest whole wheat grains, proceessing such as rolling or grinding (ideally coarse rolling) is generally used to improve digestibility. 

Wheat based feeds are highly palatable to pigs (as long as not ground too finely) and due to the higher protein content compared to corn results with a  lower Soybean Meal requirement in the feed mix.

Poultry feeds in Europe, Canada and Australia often include wheat as one of the main ingredients.  The wheat can be coarsely ground or left whole grain and including an enzyme supplement in the feed mix maintans the digestibility of dietary lipids and so the overall digestive performance.

Wheat can be included in fish diets to provide energy.  The extrusion processed feed mix requires ratios tailored to the fish species.

For determining the required feed mix for the growth stage of the target animal or fish species, a qualified animal nutritionist should be consulted.

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