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grains & oilseeds - corn

Brazilian and US origin Grade 2 yellow corn used for animal feed

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Corn (or maize as it is often called internationally) is a standard ingredient in animal feeds, primarily used as a source of energy.  Corn is palatable and suitable for all livestock feeds. 

Corn is often the main energy concentrate in ruminant feeds, being a valuable energy source, especially for dairy cows (due to its high starch content). 

For pig feeds it is of most value for growing and fattening pigs and for sows and breeding stock.  Corn can be included whole or medium-ground in pig feed mixes.

For poultry feeds it is fed in significant amounts to broilers and laying hens due to its highly digestable starch, low fibre and good oil content.  Yellow corn's colour attracts the birds, assisting the overall feed mix's ingestion (especially if pelletised).

For fish feeds corn is usually ground for meal or pellets.  As Corn Digestible Energy (DE) varies according to the target species, sometimes processing is required (such as gelatisation of corn starch) to improve nutrient digestibility.

For determining the required feed mix for the growth stage of the target animal or fish species, a qualified animal nutritionist should be consulted.

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