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soybean meal (SBM)

Soybean Meal provides the majority of the world's protein feed ingredients.

46% - 48% protein of US or Brazilian origin.

Soybean Meal is the by-product of the extraction of Soybean Oil from Soybeans.  The extracted flakes are then dried to eliminate the solvent, toasted and grounded to produce Soybean Meal.  If the Soybeans have been dehulled prior to extraction, hulls may be added back at the end of the process to increase fibre content. 

Soybean Meal provides the majority of the world's protein feed ingredients. Ninety eight percent of the world’s Soybean Meal is used for animal feed, making this industry the most important market for Soybean farmers.

Highly palatable feedstuff, Soybean Meal is characterised by high protein content and low crude fibre.  Has very good amino acid balance, contains high amounts of lysine, tryptophane, threonine and isoleucine that often lack in cereal grains.

For ruminant feeds, Soybean Meal is a valuable ingredient due to its high amount of rumen degradable protein (which in turn provides ingredients for rumen microbial protein synthesis) together with a good amino acid balance.

For pig feeds, Soybean Meal is the preferred protein source due to its profile of highly digestible amIno acids.  Dehulled Soybean Meal has been shown to be preferable for pig diets.

For poultry feeds, Soybean Meal is also the preferred protein source, again due to its amino acid profile.

For fish feeds, Soybean Meal can be used as a partial or full replacement of Fish Meal according to target species and stage of growth, being also highly palatable. 

For determining the required feed mix for the growth stage of the target animal or fish species, a qualified animal nutritionist should be consulted.
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